Wednesday, 19 November 2014

World Travel Market - Day 1

Hello my lovelies
since becoming the representative of Face of Kenya UK 2014 I delved completely into my new role being a representative of the diaspora and a community champion. I have so much to share and will now share my journey with you, you can view this post in much more detail here Laviniah's diaries.  This was my first official event where I was able to be an ambassador for Kenya and the diaspora at the prestigious World Travel Market at Excel last week. 

Now for those who are unaware of the World Travel Market and believe me you are not alone in that thought, World Travel Market London is the biggest global travel event in the calender for the travel industry and a unique opportunity for the whole global travel market trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business.

More than 50,000 senior travel industry professionals, government ministers and international press embarked on Excel- London to network, negotiate and discover the latest industry opinion and trends at WTM. All sectors of the travel industry with over 186 countries were represented including tourist boards, airlines, cruise, hotels, luxury, responsible tourism and travel technology. Find out more about what i did here Laviniah's Diaries

Friday, 7 November 2014

Face of Kenya UK

Hello sweeties

I know I have been absent for the past few weeks, I'm very sorry for being quiet, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind of exciting new things. You remember I was in a beauty pageant this year, well I was recently crowned as the Face of Kenya UK 2014! I have been in London this week at the prestigious World Travel Market representing Kenya on the world center stage. The experience has been amazing to say the least, I have so much to share with from the event and  I will share a link to my blog page as the Face of Kenya UK so you can follow all my post updates and view all images and feature articles. You can also view my latest post updates in my role on my fFacebookpage  here
Hope to see you there xx

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Hey sweeties, how are you? Sorry for being quiet over the past week, with my new ventures (I'll share with you soon) I'm learning that I really do need to manage my spare time more efficiently and I hope to be more organised :)

With that said, I'm really excited to share my new post, featuring this dazzling emerald green dress! I have no qualms when it comes to wearing colourful outfits/pieces and many of you might wonder what my  favourite colour is..and it is green. Yes it's not pink or blue or red but green, to be specific mint green, teal and emerald green. Why I love green so much I don't know exactly, but as far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to this colour. There's something about green that reminds me of nature and the beauty of the earth...

I would love to know what is your favourite colour and why?

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